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Welcome to our website!

Our StoryOur Work

Our story

GuliAnd Company was founded by actor Gyula Mesterházy and opera singer Andreas Zsolt Magonyi. The organization has been engaging in artist mediation and culture management. It is the leading provider, strategic programme and facilities plan for state and private organizations. A number of the best-known artists of our time have appeared with GuliAnd involvement across Europe as well as overseas. The company is highly specialized in organizational development, brand-making and cross-cultural communication. Thanks to the prestigious events created through teamwork, the founders are recognized and sought-after players in the international art industry. GuliAnd is registered in the United Kingdom and has an affiliated company in Hungary.

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Who We Are

Our management members are likewise practised specialists in culture and media. In addition, experts in technology and economic psychology. We became a closely-knit, well-oiled team in the past years.

Board of directors

Our success is in the team strength

Andreas Z. Magonyi

Qualifications: Opera singer, Master of Arts in Communication and Media


Co-founder & CEO

Gyula Mesterházy

Qualifications: Actor, Master of Arts in Media


Co-founder & Managing Director 

Márton Kovács

Qualifications: Master of Sciences in Engineering and Management



What We Do

The proficiency of GuliAnd is a sure way to high level productions

Cultural project team

GuliAnd can guarantee for its partners high-quality service in the fields of culture and media. Most of all, we do business in the U.S. and Europe. Working in the field of culture and media our vocational background and purchasing power provide safety equally for our contributors and our partners. GuliAnd has presented exclusive events with numerous internationally acknowledged artists in the past years. Just a few artists from our programmes: Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, Ana María Martínez, Sabina Puertolas, Ekaterina Lekhina, Stefan Pop and René Barbera. In addition, such great conductors as Eugene Khon, Nicholas Milton, David Gimenez, Carlo Ponti and Michael Güttler. Our daily cooperation with agencies, tour organizers and theatre leaders over many years gives us considerable experience and many good international contacts to mediate acclaimed cultural events.

Effective leadership, OCC

GuliAnd’s leadership advisory team supports company leaders in all areas of human resources by supporting decision makers achieve the organisation’s vision and sustain organisational values. We play a lead role in developing and implementing the organization’s strategy. The company’s advisory team develops and fosters a positive team environment and workplace culture. Practise to develop negotiating skills and problem solving techniques.
Organisational culture consulting (OCC).

Global PR and communication

Our globally minded firm guarantees a full-service communication with specialization in complete personal brand building. We have built up strong reputation for many great performers in Hungary and United Kingdom. JOSÉ CURA, PLÁCIDO DOMINGO, Metropolitan Opera soprano ANGEL BLUE, Grammy Award -winning baritone EDWARD PARKS, Oscar and Golden Globe winner GUSTAVO SANTAOLALLA were promoted by GuliAnd, among others. Founders of GuliAnd made the most effective music programmes for PÉCS 2010, European Capital of Culture.
We have experience in film productions, and regularly produced television programmes for different channels. GuliAnd makes documentaries on famous people, cultural events, countries, regions and cities. Over the last years our TV productions have been broadcast in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Hungary among others.

Our Skills

contribute to your success


The specialized network of GuliAnd makes the working process smooth from the beginning to the realization. We have a special high qualified group and GuliAnd cooperates with well-trained, acknowledged business partners for the sake of the production’s success in more countries. Our team is able to use the full range of marketing communication tools and art industry to help our partners realize their plans. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience of GuliAnd's experts provide a solid foundation for building a strategy and reputation of our partners, as well as deepening our clients’ relationships.


Our Work

Some Recent Projects


In a Nuthshell

at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary

In association with Sándor Demján Foundation

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It is our great plesaure to announce that The Lord Anlton of Liverpool become the Patron In Chief of the LO4.

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