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Our StoryOur Work

Our story

With decades of experience in the international cultural and arts industry, actor Gyula Mesterházy and opera singer Andreas Zsolt Magony have founded the GuliAnd Company. The firm is anchored in Liverpool City.

The founders have established successful careers not only on stage but also as internationally recognised producers of television and arts productions. Andreas has extensive business experience dating back to his music studies in New York. During that time, he and a friend group started a media and entertainment company. In addition to Gyual's notable success on stage, he has achieved significant milestones in the international fashion industry. His academic pursuits have covered various fields, focusing on developing expertise in arts and communication through studies in Atlanta and London. This exceptional combination of practical experience and academic knowledge makes them a qualified and competent team in the cultural industry.   

Since its establishment, the company has experienced great success and has effectively expanded its profile. GuliAnd provides its partners with various Management Consultancy and AE Management Services. Our team is a global player in the field of arts and entertainment business as well as corporate culture. Registered in the UK, with a company in Hungary and a business partner in Austria.

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Main Practice

Culture is a key reference point in matters to companies conducting business

GuliAnd's highly qualified expert team specialises in performing arts management, organisational development, personal and business style management, as well as brand building for executives and artists. GuliAnd brings experts in all the relevant disciplines to bear on each client's challenge.     

The company's management consulting services include corporate communication, economic, and cultural workshops, as well as talent strategy support. Based on university research conducted by GuliAnd, the company launched the Future Focused Leadership programme for C-level executives. Working with both public and private organisations. In the last decades, we developed an international network and strong partnerships with the global business community that are also of great benefit to our partners.

The proficiency of GuliAnd is a reliable way to achive high quality projects

The founders have longstanding associations with several prestigious companies, including SHELL Company, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Pappas Auto, Rolex, BMW, Citibank, Ermenegildo Zegna, Qatar Airways, Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture, and Hilton Hotels, over many years.

GuliAnd presents events with internationally celebrated artists. Close cooperations have been established with Angel Blue, José Carreras, Plácido Domingo, Gustavo Santaolalla, Edward Parks, Stefan Pop, Risto Joost, and José Cura, just to name a few. The company has organised various diplomatic programs for countries such as Argentina, Chile, Hungary, and Peru, in addition to producing exclusive cultural projects worldwide.

Art and Entertainment Management

For clients' events, GuliAnd provides high-quality live entertainment with renowned artists. The company has produced highly successful shows with world-celebrated artists over the past few years.

Consulting Management

Our team of professionals collaborate with clients to make organisations more efficient and enjoyable places to work by increasing productivity and fostering positive relationships within the company.

Personal Branding

As a full-service brand strategy management GuliAnd takes a holistic approach to brand building, analyzing its challenges across all touchpoints.

Luxury Management

GuliAnd offers services and products of the highest quality that are exclusively designed for business owners and top executives.

Our Team

Our success is in the team strength

At GuliAnd, our team has diverse expertise, spanning economics, communication, economic psychology, performing arts, and sociology. Each member brings specialized knowledge and a passion for building and nurturing client relationships. Our approach is characterized by open-mindedness and a commitment to turning ideas into tangible results. We are committed to providing fresh perspectives to address changing needs. Over the years, we've evolved into a tightly-knit unit, finely tuned to collaborate seamlessly and deliver excellence.

Andreas Z. Magonyi

Qualifications: Opera singer, Master of Arts in Communication and Media


Co-founder & CEO

Gyula Mesterházy

Qualifications: Actor, Master of Arts in Media


Co-founder & Managing Director 

Márton Kovács

Qualifications: Master of Sciences in Engineering and Management



Global Experience
Top-notch Quality Services for Leaders
Future Focused Leadership Development
Unique Cultural Events
Personal Branding

— GuliAnd Company—

Our Works

Some Projects



In 2024, Argentina and Hungary are celebrating the 100th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.
GuliAnd Company is proud to be an official partner of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Hungary.
Over the past few years, GuliAnd has successfully organized various events in collaboration with the Embassy.

We are thrilled to cooperate with the internationally acclaimed
Argentine-born composer and performer, Gustavo Santaolalla. 
The magic of Santaolalla's music contributed to the world of movies
and gives an unforgettable experience.

Dance is an art as well as an activity.

Studios have an abundance of mirrors to help dancers correct their posture.
but can also lead to a lot of self-scrutinies.
This can increase the tendency to become overly critical of your body
and compare it to other dancers.
Be careful not to get caught in that trap.
Under-fuelling can lead to negative performance and health consequences,
so be sure to optimize your food and fluid intake
and make every attempt to treat your body right.
(L. Bonci,2022)


presented by

in association with 
GuliAnd Company


The Gábor Carelli Committee was established
in honour of the former Metropolitan Opera tenor
by public figures of high esteem.

Branding has become an increasing challenge in the art industry in recent years.
For many years, the opera business has been unable to produce iconic artists like Maria Callas.
However, many of the new generation of opera stars possess the exceptional qualities to birth a global brand.

World-famous opera diva Maria Callas was born 100 years ago.
In the lecture series of GuliAnd Company, prestigious speakers recall
Maria Callas's career's most memorable moments.
It also allows discussion of the challenge of building an artist's brand.


Our team is committed to sustainable development and social responsibility.
On the path to sustainability, it is essential to inspire the players of the business sector to action.
We are working hard to set up a new platform in association with universities and talk about new strategies, procedures,
training, and research. GuliAnd and Sándor Demján Foundation
organized a workshop to prepare for an international conference in 2024.

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