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Highly personalized,
exeptional service

GuliAnd provides top-notch quality services and products designed exclusively for business owners and top leaders. Our services are unparalleled, and we offer a range of exceptional cultural experiences, ensuring a unique, personally tailored service.We take pride in our exclusivity and ensure that each luxury service we provide is of the highest quality.

GuliAnd Company in association with luxury hotels and car brands presents high-quality events featuring world-famous performers. The events have been staged in various cities including Liverpool, London, Budapest, Los Angeles and New York.

PD Classics
the new brand

Founded in New York

In 2017, GuliAnd in collaboration with Plácido Domingo established the first-ever international festival in honour of the legendary artist. The five-day multicultural programme was launched during the summer of 2017. The festival features limited edition products by PD Classics Collection for the global luxury market, fitting for the high-quality stage and company leader activities of a world-renowned artist.

Limited Edition

In 2018, PD Classics and Patinas Lighting Company set up a new collaboration to create the Diamond Shining handmade light. The designer was inspired by the captivating appeal of lavish elegance of the Los Angeles Opera's art deco style G. Verdi's Traviata. The premier of the unique desk table lamp was graced by the presence of Plácido Domingo. 
We are proud that this exclusive limited luxury product has been offered to various charity programs since it was introduced on the market.