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NurOrda Folk Orchestra slide 1

NurOrda Folk Orchestra

19:00 pm

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjártó will be holding a meeting with Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov in Budapest on 27 February 2018.

H.E. Kajrat Abdrakhmanov Kajrat Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
H.E. Péter Szijjártó Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary


Folklore and ethnographic ensemble "NurOrda"

Within the programme “Spiritual modernization” and 20 anniversary of the Kazakh national university of Arts, under the leadership of the People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Hero of Labor, the Rector of the Kazakh National University, A.K Mussakhajayeva was created ethnographic ensemble "NurOrda", On January 6, 2018.

Our goal is to show and acquaint the culture of Kazakhstan, to show the caloric content of national folklore and to contribute to the development of national culture.

Artists in  "NurOrda" at the public Art center "Aiman Zhuldyzdary" were laureates of international and republican competitions: Rukhia Baiduken, Aқbota Kusnadin, Alua Kalymbekova, Aigerim Zhanatlekova, group "Dara", Aizhan Aralzhan and People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Hero of Labor Ilyasova Mayra Alimgazhinova.

The repertoire of the ensemble is interesting with a variety of kuiz, various songs and analyzed by the most advanced national traditions.

In particular, the national kui "Karasai sazy", ​​"El Tolgau", kui of Marata Berdigulov "Shashu", kui of Sholpan Korganbek "Kok Turikter", "Amanat", kui of Bauyrzhan Aktaev "Arnau".

When the group "Dara" performs their national songs, everyone listens with admiration. The songs of our performers "Bozbala", "Akerke", "Yapyray", "Kemenger", could surprise listeners. Sholpan Korganbek and Bauyrzhan Aktaev made a great contribution to the development of the repertoire of the ensemble.

In association with 
Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hungary